CSI Helps a Not-for-Profit Make The Leap From Good to Great


A non-profit agency serving at-risk children.


The agency had garnered national and statewide acclaim for its innovative approach to building partnerships among volunteers, families and schools. The agency decided that advancing to the next level would require significant innovation and was willing to step outside of its comfort zone to craft a bold vision and model.


CSI guided the agency’s management team and board through an in-depth analysis of strategic change, putting CSI’s unparalleled knowledge of consulting models to good use. In this case, CSI opted to present the group with several potential frameworks. From these, the organization adopted a new business model centered on building trusting and enduring relationships measured over multiple years with valid, outcomes-based methods.

The entity’s new plan makes children the centerpiece of the business model with aligned support from volunteers, teachers, parents, the agency and donors. The restructuring of the six-member management team had sweeping implications for vital agency functions, including leadership, recruitment, programming, fund-raising and measurement.

In addition, CSI helped the agency pinpoint structural changes that were imperative to the success of its new model. These changes included establishing and tracking the hard data required to drive results, incorporating a new level of effectiveness from agency staff, and reorganizing agency leadership and program operations staff.


After securing a commitment from the IT department of a major corporation, the non-profit built a unique national prototype, providing outcome-based indicators of success. Its system is based on partnering with schools and includes benchmarks for achievement in attendance, behavior and classroom success.

The governor of its home state, the president of the national oversight body and a U.S. Department of Education official gathered at the agency to tout its innovation and groundbreaking success. Within 18 months, the organization reported a 38% increase in the number of youth served. The agency also achieved a 60% improvement over the original baseline index measuring attendance, behavior and classroom success.


CSI draws upon the diverse skills and experiences of fourteen consultants to help clients navigate challenges. Sole proprietors cannot compare.