Succession in a closely-held business requires anticipation and careful planning, which is why many firms don’t make it beyond the first generation. Our Succession Management practice will help you identify and cultivate the next generation of owners and managers with ample time to transition leadership.
CSI knows that passing the torch requires planning. Whether the organization is a privately-held business or a not-for-profit, succession planning and management is challenging. Decisions made and actions taken – or not taken – carry long-term consequences for owners, employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

CSI works with owners and successors to set realistic succession and transition goals. We seek to optimize constructive progress and minimize financial, operational and emotional risks. We can help you:

  • Apply the principles of succession planning to your unique situation
  • Create a clear vision of succession for all affected parties
  • Be aware of transition variables and assess options in a disciplined manner
  • Develop objective criteria for success
  • Identify mutually beneficial strategies for your company’s purchase and valuation
  • Craft a plan that separates ownership succession from management succession, a key variable for ensuring positive outcomes
  • Minimize time and cost in overseeing the legion of specialists required to successfully complete a transition
  • Take your organization to the “next level” in structure and management

In his iconic book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins posits that great leaders prepare for the time they no longer will be at the helm. CSI agrees and is prepared to apply its specialized knowledge on your behalf.


Since 1983 – through economic booms and busts – CSI has helped privately held and not-for-profit entities define and achieve their organizational goals.