At our heart, we are courageous matchmakers – dedicated to the identification and selection of leaders who can help organizations perform and transform. As such, the most successful talent strategy and recruitment starts with a thorough process:

All organizations benefit from powerful leadership, but – in order to guarantee success – that leadership needs to be in alignment with the organization on many critical dimensions. So, for every search we conduct, the CSI team implements in-depth interviews and collects critical decision-making data. We go well beyond functional skillset matches to focus on the elements necessary for long term success, including: performing extensive leadership assessments and side-by-side interviews, identifying how candidates might fit culturally, and ensuring their goals align with and complement those of your organization.

We also use our proprietary Demo Center experience to provide clients the opportunity to observe how candidates approach real-world business challenges – assessing how potential choices and actions can align (or conflict) with what’s right for client organizations.

More than anything, our comprehensive matching process provides opportunity for potential leaders and organizations alike to learn about each other, assess skills and fit, and then set expectations on both sides so that leaders can hit the ground running.

And as a member of professional organizations such as HRMA and SHRM, we employ the most proven practices for candidate assessment, compensation, performance appraisal, training and development. CSI’s Search Inclusion Advisory Board (SIAB) extends our reach into diverse communities to connect our clients to the very best candidates, regardless of background.

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Since 1983 – through economic booms and busts – CSI has helped privately held and not-for-profit entities define and achieve their organizational goals.