CSI helps clients improve organizational performance by guiding the strategic planning process so the right people are inspired to align vision, detail goals and then attain them in the context of the “big picture.”
Our four-step process is tailored to meet the needs of each client:

1: Take a picture

We begin with a diagnostic scan, mixing qualitative input (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.) with quantitative data (operational results, financials, etc.) drawn from internal and external sources. We analyze data, identify trends and develop an objective, comprehensive picture of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses and potential.

2: Envision the future

Working closely with each client’s planning team of senior leaders, CSI brings focus to defining the future each client wants to create. We raise strategic questions and collaborate to test hypotheses and find answers. We help you clarify long-term goals and identify the most important strategic priorities to fulfill your strategic vision.

3: Begin action planning

Our practical approach emphasizes execution. Framed by the vision, goals and priorities set by the organization, we help develop pragmatic action plans to achieve each strategic priority. We perform a reality check, balancing proposed implementation schedules with resource availability.

4: Make commitments

As a final step, we review the plan, make adjustments and then team with you to develop the metrics for key performance indicators. We also detail the milestones for tracking the progress that ultimately will define your success. Since adjustments are inevitable, we put a process in place to periodically update the plan.

Our brand of strategic planning empowers clients to take control of their organization’s destiny by institutionalizing practices that generate long-term competitive advantages in the marketplace. Time and again, CSI has seen clients’ focused intent and attention to critical needs produce breakthrough success.

CSI would be honored to help you shape the future of your organization.


CSI draws upon the diverse skills and experiences of fourteen consultants to help clients navigate challenges. Sole proprietors cannot compare.