With our new Talent Management practice, we draw from over 65 years of cumulative, real-world human resources experience for the benefit of our clients. Our team offers a critical business perspective – an understanding that a talent strategy must drive overall results. Our flexible approach can support existing HR teams, or provide a trusted, full-service talent partner.  Among the solutions we can customize for your organization, we offer:

  • HR Diagnostic Assessments—A simple data review to determine the talent goals that will deliver the most value to your organization.
  • HR Strategy Development—Identify the key talent actions needed to achieve your business strategy.
  • Competency Models—Establish competencies that will drive your selection, performance measurement, development, engagement and succession planning processes.
  • Talent Review—Gain an in-depth understanding of your current talent and identify your potential leaders.
  • Team Dynamics—Optimize collaboration among your team using their strengths to maximize performance and enhance the culture.
  • Employee Engagement—Develop a culture that delivers business results and retains top talent.

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CSI draws upon the diverse skills and experiences of fourteen consultants to help clients navigate challenges. Sole proprietors cannot compare.