Effective organizations require actionable strategy, practical implementation and clear goal setting. CSI’s robust Analytics and Performance Improvement practice provides guidance to drive implementation and practical support for the people most responsible for the future of an organization.
CSI’s analytics and performance improvement services help align individual activity with organizational strategy to connect people and results. Our counsel helps reinforce individual and team ownership of key strategic initiatives and provides a process to track progress toward objectives.

Organizations and individuals alike benefit from well-designed performance improvement programs. These programs focus resources on the areas of greatest potential impact, bring clarity to performance expectations and evaluations, and help associates master the skills and expertise critical to success.

A well-designed performance improvement program identifies key metrics and drivers that are visible and meaningful. We help clients align individual, team and leadership actions with these metrics by specifying the level of individual performance required before collective success can be proclaimed. Implementation focuses on applying the program design to individual performance “scorecards” and offering the necessary support conducive to success. To reward “right” actions, compensation policies are linked to results, revenue and profitability. Periodic review and adjustments to compensation metrics optimize benefits to the organization and to associates, further driving results.

CSI’s analytics and performance improvement strategies help organizations put the right people in the right positions with the right responsibilities and accountabilities. Let us know how we can help meet your needs.


Clients seek our help when they are considering strategic options for sustainable growth.