CSI clients often identify a need for key talent to fulfill the vision and goals defined during Executive Search. In our Executive Search practice, we help clients attract, recruit, onboard and integrate new team members.
CSI’s high-performance clients already know the power of having the right people in the right positions with the right responsibilities and accountabilities. We also can energize your organization with full-scope consulting services that will help you attract and retain outstanding professionals in executive management, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

CSI partners with clients to ensure the candidates we source are the right match for your company. First, we develop a thorough working knowledge of your organization’s culture and dynamics. We identify key attributes, attitude, skills and results and recruit candidates. We then winnow the field of prospective candidates using proven protocols that objectively identify strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Next, we vet finalists with in-depth, case-based interviews in our Demonstration Center. In the presence of client decision-makers, candidates share how they would resolve thorny management situations. Typically, their answers reveal the true dimension of each candidate’s technical, organizational and communication skills.

CSI’s search model is proprietary and it works. Better than 90% of our placements are still with their employer after three years. If you find those results compelling, let’s talk.

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Clients seek our help when they are considering strategic options for sustainable growth.