Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the foundation of CSI’s work. We have guided more than 1,000 companies and not-for-profits through the process of envisioning their future in specific ways that shape priorities and inspire team members.

Analytics & Performance Improvement

People are at the heart of every organization’s success. New goals often require individuals to change behaviors, develop new habits and better align with the efforts of others. To this end, CSI’s robust Analytics and Performance Improvement practice provides practical support to individuals on client teams who will shape the future.

Advisory Board Development

Smart entrepreneurs and CEOs value trusted and forthright advisors. CSI counsels companies for Advisory Board Development, tapping into CSI’s substantial network of successful entrepreneurs. Advisors learn your business and offer educated, experienced perspectives and recommendations to guide your decision-making.

Succession Management

Succession in a closely-held business requires anticipation and careful planning, which is why many firms don’t make it beyond the first generation.  Our Succession Management practice will help you identify and cultivate the next generation of owners and managers with ample time to transition leadership.

Talent Management

The CSI Talent Management practice reflects our holistic business approach, and consists of a variety of well-thought out solutions that can be customized to best suit your organization.

Executive Search

CSI clients often identify a need for key talent to fulfill the vision and goals defined during Strategic Planning. In our Executive Search practice, we help clients attract, recruit, onboard and integrate new team members.

Get Collaborative

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Since 1983 – through economic booms and busts – CSI has helped privately held and not-for-profit entities define and achieve their organizational goals.