Smart entrepreneurs and CEOs value trusted and forthright advisors. Tapping into our substantial network of successful entrepreneurs, CSI develops and facilitates advisory boards that constructively challenge executives. Advisors learn your business and offer educated, experienced perspectives and recommendations to guide your decision-making.
CSI finds that professionally facilitated advisory boards are valuable to owners of closely-held companies who want to:

  • Improve corporate performance and raise expectations
  • Garner objective feedback and promote accountability
  • Foster leadership development
  • Enhance access to resources and relationships
  • Support effective and timely succession
  • Manage family dynamics
  • Enhance their sense of personal fulfillment and professional satisfaction

In the past decade, CSI has helped form, recruit and facilitate more than 20 advisory boards.  We offer unparalleled expertise in identifying and recruiting the right mix of advisory board members from our network of regional and national business leaders. Many CSI clients are enthusiastic advocates and are pleased to refer outstanding advisory board candidates. Once the board is assembled, we ensure advisory board effectiveness by deploying our skills to ensure meeting topics and discussions consistently produce thoughtful, high-order commentary. The experience of CSI in preparing, processing and facilitating meetings begets value-added counsel and strengthened relationships among clients and advisors.

Join the CSI clients who have added tangible value to their business by using our advisory board services. Profit from the wisdom of seasoned executives who have walked the path you are contemplating.


Since 1983 – through economic booms and busts – CSI has helped privately held and not-for-profit entities define and achieve their organizational goals.